Visit any casino, online or offline, and a majority of the games will most likely be slots. Slots are extremely popular and for good reasons. There are literary hundreds of different games to chose among, and special features such as wild symbols, scatter symbols and interactive bonus games ensures variety even within an individual slot game. Playing slots is not difficult and it can provide us with hours of fun. You do not need a huge bankroll to enjoy slots since there are plenty of slot games online that only cost a cent or so per spin, while the high rollers have no trouble finding slots that accept wagers of €1 000 or more. Read more about slots online where you can play with low cost spins.

If you want to play slot machines online there are dozens of gambling sites to chose among. Some have slots from one slot developer only, while others provide slots from several different providers. Examples of well-known and popular slot game developers are Microgaming, Cryptologic, NetEntertainment (NetEnt), Playtech, Sheriff Gaming, SkillOnNet, Chartwell, Galewind, IGT WagerWorks, NexGen Gaming, Play’nGO, Vidaden, Real Time Gaming (RTG), NYX Interactive, Boss Media and Rival Gaming.

The first slot machine was invented by a mechanic in San Fransciso in the late 1800’s and became an instant success. Back then, real physical reels where used and you had to pull a lever to start the game. Today we have video slots where animated symbols are shown on screens, and start buttons have replaced the classic lever. Some machines still have the level, but for nostalgic reasons only.

Since the spinning reels are superfluous, game developers can show virtually anything on the screen. For historical reasons, most games still have the spinning reels, but there are a few games that separate themselves from the pack, such as Gonzo’s Quest and Beach. In Gonzo’s Quest, the spinning reels have been replaced by carved stones that come tumbling down over the screen like a collapsing jungle temple. Each stones sports a carved symbol and this is how winning symbol combinations can be formed. As soon as a winning combination appears, the stones in the combination explodes, leaving room for more stones to come tumbling down and potentially create new wins for the player. In the Beach slot, various symbols are washed up by the swell on a lovely sandy beach where they can form winning combinations.

In modern slots without real reels, a Random Number Generator (RNG) will determine the outcome of each spin. Reputable game developers and online casino let an independent third-party test their RNG on a regular basis to ensure that it is working properly and that all games in the casino are fair.

The RNG is always at work, constantly forming thousands of number combinations per second. As you push the start button or pull the lever, a signal will be sent to the RNG and the number that is formed in that very instant will be used to determine the outcome of your spin. The reels will keep spinning, but the result has already been decided.

Imagine this: You spend an entire evening playing the Mega Fortune slot until you finally go to bed at 11 p.m. The next day, you find out that the €10 million progressive Mega Fortune jackpot payed out at 11.03 that evening. Should you be upset? No, because the jackpot payed out because the player pushed the start button at the exact right moment. You pushing the button a split second earlier or later would not have triggered the jackpot. The Mega Fortune slot machine is not constantly counting down until a specific spin where the progressive jackpot will pay out. Instead, the RNG is continuously churning out number combinations and you can win the progressive jackpot anytime you play.

Playing slots is great fun, and thanks to the Random Number Generators, it is also a completely luck-based pass time. If you win or not is completely in the hands of Lady Luck! In this regard, slot machines are similar to scratch cards and table games like roulette. If you prefer to play a game where skill is a factor, you can for instance try video poker, ordinary poker or blackjack online.