Deposit matched bonuses of Free Spins?

free spins casinoWhen casino players are offered something for free they tend to say “Yes” without second thoughts because all freebies are just as alluring. Regardless of what the casino has to offer, they rejoice thinking that there is no reason to pass on the opportunity and forsake any research. One decision that they often have to make is whether to choose free spins over deposit matched bonuses of the other way around.

We’d say to go for the Free Spins whenever you are given the option and we base our decision on three rock-solid facts that should ring true to anyone who has played online casino games. Those who need no further arguments in favor of this theory can simply head on to, the rest should keep reading in order to make an informed decision.

Free Spins are made available right away and you can use them on specific slot games or any game at all, depending on promotion. The worst case scenario is to be required to contact the customer service before the free spins are released, but this is the exception to the rule and can be dismissed as a minor nuisance.

Free Spins don’t have any strings attached and you can use them without meeting any prerequisites, such as making a minimal deposit. You don’t need to jeopardize a dime of you bankroll, which makes them the best way to start your activity on a new casino that you are not yet familiar with.

Finally, even though the free spins themselves don’t have any intrinsic value and you can’t withdraw the amount that they are good for, you get to keep your profits. This means that if you are lucky enough to win a top prize and even a progressive jackpot while spinning the reels for free, you won’t have to play through the bonus dozens of time before cashing out.