Check out the Happy Hour at Lucky Red Casino

Happy Hour at Lucky Red CasinoWhen it comes to happiness, intensity is more important than duration and that’s what the guys at Lucky Red Casino are counting on when advertising their Happy Hour promotion. It won’t run out indefinitely, but for the time being it is up and running, with the expiration date being set somewhere in mid- September. During this time of the day, players can take claim cash bonuses and use RPLA65KEEP among other codes to boost their deposits several times.

There is an indissoluble link between the amount credited to their account and the sum transferred from the credit card, with higher amounts triggering higher bonuses. This bonus code will allow players to enhance their bankrolls virtually overnight up to a total of $1000. There are no restrictive wagering requirements and players get to choose the tables they compete at, with the only concern being to cash in on this offer before it expires.

Meanwhile, they are free to experiment with different promotional codes and the shining example is RPLS75WANT, which just as the name suggests will trigger a bonus of 75%. The catch is that this bonus can only be rolled over at slot games and it can be redeemed two times during the promotion. Once players receive the amount, they are expected to play the total sum through 20 times with keno, slots and scratch cards being the only qualifying games.

With Lucky Red Casino it is all about choice and players are instructed to contemplate all their alternatives when choosing one bonus or the other. On the off chance that none of these bonus codes sound appealing and users are hell-bent on playing other games such as blackjack or roulette, they are free to use these bonus codes. The only downside is that it will take longer to meet the wagering requirements, but then again time is not of the essence when you have so much fun.