Double your bankroll this month at Aladdin’s Gold Casino

slotmachineIf you have higher expectations than your current bank will allow and you also have an account with Aladdin’s Gold Casino, this is the time to act. The online casino has a reputation of providing its members with plenty of opportunities to increase the size of their bankroll and this is not the first time they double all deposits. Just a couple of months ago, in September, their members enjoyed a head start with a generous collection of first deposit and reload bonuses that could be redeemed several times.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino has plenty of video poker and blackjack games among those that are eligible for meeting the play through requirements. This isn’t something that online casino players enjoy everywhere, as most virtual establishments go to great lengths to impose restrictions on those games that have a lower house edge. In this case, regardless of what your favorite game might be, you don’t have to make any compromises and simply select the bonus code that is suitable.

RPLA60WHICH code will require a minimum deposit of $50 and will trigger the bonus of 60%, but if you deposit a larger amounts the bonus percentages also increased to 70. Bear in mind that this promotion can bredeemed three times in a row and each time the maximum bonus credited to the players account can’t exceed $1000. The wagering requirements are more or less the same as those regarded as industry standards, with players having to turn over the combined amount of bonus and deposit 25 times.

Refrain from attempting to withdraw any funds before meeting the requirements, because such an action will prompt the swift forfeit of the bonus amount. This bonus code will allow players to increase their starting stack more than two times and once the bonus is credited to their account, there will be no more limitations. Players have all the time they need to meet the prerequisites before cashing out and they can choose any of the games available in Aladdin’s Gold Casino’s offer.

Winter is upon us and with cold weather keeping us mostly indoors, there is no point in scrambling to win petty amounts just because you can’t afford a more significant deposit. This promotion is in fact a win-win situation for those with limited resources and plenty of time on their hands, so don’t allow it to go to waste. There are also a couple of progressive jackpot games offered by the online casino and players have a better chance to win them with an oversized bankroll.

Players win big this month at All Slots Casino

slotmachinetipsOnline casinos are more than willing to share the accomplishments of their players, knowing that success stories are the best incentive for others to join. All Slots Casino has plenty of winners to talk about and November has been a particularly good one for the online operator. One of the reasons for why they exceeded expectations this month is that the UK television campaign ran smoothly and thousands of new players joined their ranks.

It also helped that All Slots Casino announced that all members will be presented with a £33 free chip to use right away hasslefree and with no additional conditions. Among those who opened an account with the online casino and won big is a player that goes by the nickname of RJ. He refused to disclose additional information about himself, but we know that he won almost £14 playing Agent Jane Blonde.

The other big winners of November are Christine C who won £2000 and Thunder Moon and Harry who beat the Thunderstruck II game for £2.2. The promotion is going strong at All Slots Casino and the online operator has no intention to terminate it anytime soon, which means that we can expect new players to set records in December. The fact that online casinos are taking a leap of faith by advertising their promos on television is a clear incentive that the industry is thriving and these campaigns are effective.

Even before All Slots Casino started to run the campaign on television, it had no shortage of players willing to compete at their tables. Powered by Microgaming software, it has an edge over competitors in terms of both quality of games, appeal of design and sheer diversity of titles. Add to this the fact that most of the games are also available on the mobile platform and it is easy to understand why new players frequently choose All Slots Casino over competitors.

Start November with a hot streak at Lucky Red Casino Offers

slotmachineEven the greatest accomplishments begin with a single step and those who haven’t played online casino games this year, should start at Lucky Red Casino. November appears to be the perfect month to make a deposit, because the casino has recently released a new lineup of promotions and first deposit bonuses. All there is to know about the terms and conditions that apply to these promos can be read in detail at, while customer support will deal with even the most persistent doubts.

Overall, the process is straightforward and players are invited to deposit the minimal amount of $100 while using the RFAS75FILL promotional code. The immediate result would be a bonus of $75 being credited to their account so that they can use it as they see fit. One thing to keep in mind is that the bonus can only be wagered at keno, slots and scratch cards games, so if you have any plans don’t count on it.

Lucky Red Casino was inspired to celebrate autumn with a generous promotion and the corresponding bonus code is ROLS20AUTUMN. If you trigger the release of 20 free spins and an additional $10 for those who deposit the minimal amount of $30 and play Loch Ness Loot. There will be no unnecessary delays for those who meet these minimum requirements and both the free spins and bonus money will be credited to their accounts right away.

The aforementioned promotion also refers to keno, scratch cards and slots games so those who plan on competing at different tables should consider RPLA65ENJOY bonus code. This is a standard 65% reload bonus that can go as high as $1000 and the wagering requirements are easy to meet, compared to what other casinos expect from players. You will need to turn over the full amount 25 times before making any withdrawal and you have dozens of games to choose from.

Another good news is that the bonus can be redeemed up to five times, so if you have enough money and the desire to make successive deposits it is possible to receive a total amount of $5000. Lucky Red Casino announced that this is only the beginning and what they have in mind is a string of promotions spanning throughout November. Whether you choose to take advantage of existing promos or wait for better times, stick around and visit the promotion page.

The Force is strong with WinPalace Casino this month

The Force is strong with WinPalace Casino this monthWinPalace Casino doesn’t plan on introducing any Star Wars game anytime soon, at least not as we know of, but they still make good use of the force. To be more precise, they have recently announced an original promotion that caters exclusively for table games players. In a nutshell, they are invited to invest an amount ranging from $21 up to $500 in order to take advantage of one of the five bonus codes.

At the bottom of the ladder is the FORCE promotional code which matches the deposit 145 times but players can hope to win much more if they enter a code with a different digit at the end. The maximum amount to receive is 308% which is staggering and the best thing is that the wagering requirements for these bonus codes is 35 times the total amount. Although the initial reaction is to pursue the absolute highest bonus, keep in mind that the larger the amount, the more difficult it will be to wager it thoroughly.

If you thought that these bonus codes are unmatched, think again because WinPalace Casino is even more generous when it comes to its slot games players. The bonus code for this promotion is WANT, once again with digits ranging from 1 to 5 at the end and deposits matched up to 405%. You will need to deposit a minimum amount of $1000 to cash in on this particular bonus, but then again having $4000 in your account right away gives you plenty of options.

Those who don’t have such high expectations can simply use the WANT1 bonus code and have their deposit matched 195% and surprising as it might seem, there is no minimum amount to deposit. Perhaps the only thing that new players need to concern themselves with is not to use the wrong bonus codes depending on the games they plan on enjoying.

In a nutshell, FORCE codes cover the entire spectrum except for baccarat, craps, bingo, roulette and casino poker while the WANT codes will restrict players to scratch card games, slots and keno. There is nothing wrong in thinking about what could happen by entering all these stand bonus codes and quite frankly we expect only good things to happen. As long as you have enough time to play through the wagering requirements, eventually you will have a lot of money to withdraw, if luck is on your side.

Bonuses galore at Club World Casino

Bonuses galore at Club World CasinoSummer is over but Club World Casino is still going strong with numerous promotions and generous bonuses on the menu for online casino players. Those who hope to boost their bankroll enough to cover all their holiday expenses are right to start now, when this casino runs special promotions. Some of them would last until the end of the month when they will be eventually replaced by new ones, but some are available for a limited period of time.

The online casino proudly announced the fact that several new deposit methods were introduced, so those who don’t have an account should check out the updated list. Most of the available options are published at, although the official website serves as the best indicator. It is hard to believe that prospective players won’t find at least one deposit method meeting their expectations, so the next logical step is to choose between various deposit bonuses.

The RPLA60SEPT bonus code is one of the most popular ones at the moment, because it demands a minimum deposit of $20 while presenting eligible players with a 60% match offer. It is not tied up to one or several games so it is entirely up to the player what titles he chooses to play, because the money will be credited to his account right away. As for withdrawing the cash, the rules are consistent with what most casinos in this industry do, demanding players to roll over the total amount 20 times or more.

As wagering requirements go, this one is below average so even if you are in a hurry and don’t want to have money blocked in an online account, this promotion will sound attractive. To redeem the bonus as soon as possible, players are advised to opt for scratch cards, keno and slots as they count for 100%, five times more than video poker and casino poker and 10 times better than casino war, baccarat or craps. Roulette is half way through at 40% which is a better conversion rate than what other casinos offer.

Club World Casino games are developed by RTG, a respectable software developer that has created hundreds of amazing games. Players not only have full freedom to decide the games at which they choose to rollover their deposit and bonus, but are also presented with a real choice. More good things are expected for the remaining weeks of September, but for the time being cash in on the generous RPLA60SEPT bonus code.

Check out the Happy Hour at Lucky Red Casino

Happy Hour at Lucky Red CasinoWhen it comes to happiness, intensity is more important than duration and that’s what the guys at Lucky Red Casino are counting on when advertising their Happy Hour promotion. It won’t run out indefinitely, but for the time being it is up and running, with the expiration date being set somewhere in mid- September. During this time of the day, players can take claim cash bonuses and use RPLA65KEEP among other codes to boost their deposits several times.

There is an indissoluble link between the amount credited to their account and the sum transferred from the credit card, with higher amounts triggering higher bonuses. This bonus code will allow players to enhance their bankrolls virtually overnight up to a total of $1000. There are no restrictive wagering requirements and players get to choose the tables they compete at, with the only concern being to cash in on this offer before it expires.

Meanwhile, they are free to experiment with different promotional codes and the shining example is RPLS75WANT, which just as the name suggests will trigger a bonus of 75%. The catch is that this bonus can only be rolled over at slot games and it can be redeemed two times during the promotion. Once players receive the amount, they are expected to play the total sum through 20 times with keno, slots and scratch cards being the only qualifying games.

With Lucky Red Casino it is all about choice and players are instructed to contemplate all their alternatives when choosing one bonus or the other. On the off chance that none of these bonus codes sound appealing and users are hell-bent on playing other games such as blackjack or roulette, they are free to use these bonus codes. The only downside is that it will take longer to meet the wagering requirements, but then again time is not of the essence when you have so much fun.

50 Free Spins on offer this weekend at Lucky Red Casino

slotmacOnline casino players agree that nothing is even remotely as exciting as the prospect of receiving a freebie and even free spins have a certain charm. Those who have an account with Lucky Red Casino or open one this weekend, will be thrilled to discover the fact that the online casino awards 50 free spins. In order to benefit from these freebies, new and existing members would have to deposit at least $50 and then play the Spirit of the Inca video slot.

This is one of the most popular slot games online, so nobody will feel like making a compromise or settling for a subpar title just to benefit from free spins. Speaking of which, it is not uncommon for online casinos to award such free spins to their members, but what is surprising is that at Lucky Red Casino you can receive as many as 50 of them. Each is worth half a dollar, so those who want to put things into perspective will be thrilled to know that the bonus consists of $25, which is above industry average.

Immediately after the deposit is made the free spins will become available in the players’ online account, and they will be free to use them right away. Obviously, not all those who enjoy spending time in the virtual lobbies of online casinos are slot enthusiasts and for these people, Lucky Red Casino has an excellent alternative. The RPLS65BUNDLE code will trigger a reload bonus of as much as $1000, which represents 65% of the initial deposit.

The wagering requirements are in line with industry standards and players are expected to roll over the full amount 25 times before making a withdrawal. Not all games have the same rates with slots, scratch cards and keno counting for 100%, roulette coming in second at 40% while casino and video poker games standing at 25%. No game is excluded but those who have other preferences need to know that they will only count for 10% so it will take a while before meeting all the wagering requirements.

After taking advantage of this promotion and making good use of the free spins, players can focus on the $5,000 cashback promotion that expires on August 19. Before cashing out, the entire amount will need to be rolled over at least two times and wagering requirements are very similar to the ones explained above.

Boost your gambling bankroll with Club World Casino Online

Any guide to online gambling begins with a lesson teaching the importance of setting up a proper bankroll, but for most players this is easier said than done. There are so few who can truly afford to invest the necessary amount that will allow them to play at the desired limits, that most players take unnecessary risks. If you want to take advantage of a rare opportunity to boost your gambling bankroll and you are lucky enough to have an account with Club World Casino Online, this is the time to do it.


The casino occasionally runs special promotions and this time, they aim at helping those who have high expectations but limited resources. is the page to visit for new bonuses and promotions and those who head on to this site will learn more about the cashback offer. For a limited period of time, Club World Casino will provide its members with a second chance by refunding a significant part of their deposit. In a nutshell, players make a deposit and if they lose that money, the online casino will return a part of it to their account so they can try again.

Not all the money will be returned, but 55% of the deposit can be credited back to your account and it was only fitting for the bonus codes to be called ALLGAMES55. The name is self-explanatory, because it clarifies any lingering doubts about the games that players can choose to meet the wagering requirements. There are few opportunities for players to take advantage of the generous bonus without being confined to a couple of games and this is one of the reasons for why this promotion is special.

The wagering requirements are in line with industry standards and they apply to both the deposit and the bonus, with players expected to turn around the full amount 25 times. Some details shouldn’t be overlooked, and players should keep in mind that not all games have the same turnaround ratio, with roulette counting for 40%, poker games count as 25% while video poker titles will only count as 20%.

Obviously, those who decide to make a deposit with Club World Casino and enter the bonus code, have no intention to lose their money and will do whatever it takes to emerge victorious. Nevertheless it is refreshing to know that you have a safety net in place and in the unlikely event that you will end up losing your entire investment you will go broke right away. This cashback promotion also provides players with the option of choosing their strategy based on expectations rather than possibilities, because it encourages them to play more aggressively.

The dangers of playing on scared money is all too real and many players end up losing their deposit not because they don’t know which the right decisions are, but because they’re afraid to do them. There is another way of having the lost amount credited back to your account and this particular promotion will allow players to return of the 100%. They need to contact the support team and the very next day they would have the bonus credited back to their account although they will have to roll over the full amount twice before making any withdrawal.

Those who think big should know from the very beginning that the maximum amount that can be won through the cashback rewards is $5000. It stands for 10 times the deposit and bonus combined and players can put their luck and skill to the test in both slots and sable games.

New promo at Omni Online Casino this July

We are halfway through with July, but if you are a member of Omni Casino, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of its latest promotion. New slot games were released and the online casino wants to celebrate them with a special promo that promises to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. Among the slots that will delight players this month are Iron Man 3 and Rubik’s Riches, with many more to be released in the upcoming days.


In order to boost their bankroll before they start playing, Omni Casino members will get the chance to compete for a prize pool of $16,000. The name of the promotion is Beat the Heat and it will award small prizes of $50 for those who finish at the top of the leaderboard after each stage, with additional payouts ranging from $165 to $375 up for grabs. The Beat the Heat tournament has just begun and it will run for two full weeks, with many players booking a place in this competition in the first days of July. has everything you need to know about the tournament itself and the manner in which players qualified for it. Many players took advantage of the $25 bonus that had very few wagering restrictions and took full advantage of the opportunity to win a maximum amount of $600. The only prerequisite was for the player to deposit $200 in a month, something that the vast majority of Omni Casino members can brag about.

Another juicy bonus was awarded through the Sizzling Summer promo in the second week of July, with a minimum qualifying deposit of $50 being required. The total amount that could be claimed went as high as $264, and many players made sure they didn’t miss out on this opportunity. Next week, the highly anticipated Christmas in July promotion ran by Omni Casino every year will begin, and it will last from July 22 to July 26. Keep your eyes and ears open to find out more about this new opportunity to win big.

Money Storm Online Tourney live at Omni Casino

Omni Casino runs a very profitable tournament in June and those who didn’t sign up for the Money Storm Online Tourney still have a couple of days to do it. It began in mid-June and will conclude on June 30, and players compete for a total prize pool of $15,555 which will be divided against the most successful members. There are dozens of slot games to choose from and some of them were just recently released by the online casino software developers, so there is plenty of novelty to go around.

Omni Casino Money Storm Online Tourney

Thor, Capt. America, Baywatch, John Wayne, Sopranos, Funky Fruits, Six Million Dollar Man and Ghost Rider are just a couple of the titles . The Money Storm is open to all Omni Casino members and it was designed as a three stage tournament with the first one going by the name of Lighting Strike Prizes. As players spin the reels in any of the aforementioned slot games, they earn points that improve their position on the leaderboard. Prizes worth $55 are awarded frequently and the amount is increased $155 if the players spin the reels more than 100,000 times.

The more you play, the more generous the prizes get, with those who pass the 130,000 threshold to win an additional $355. There is no shortage of Pre-Tournament Point Boosters and those who play at Omni Casino frequently need not to worry because they were made available for this promotion. Every single week, special bonuses are added, with one of the most popular ones being the Double Your Fun Monday online promotion. It consists of a first deposit bonus worth 100% for amounts ranging from $30-$150.

The Free Play promotion is aimed at those who have deposited a minimum amount of $200 this month and contact the customer support asking for the free bonus. It consists of $25 and is supposed to be rolled over at least 10 times with only slots that have a maximum winnings of $600 qualifying. Spin 2 Win online promotion is more suitable for those who spend long hours playing slot games, as it has a requirement of at least 1000 spins on amounts exceeding $0.45. Those who abide by these rules have the chance of winning an amount ranging from $15-$200 and as long as the eligibility requirements are met, the money will be credited to their accounts immediately.