Boost your gambling bankroll with Club World Casino Online

Any guide to online gambling begins with a lesson teaching the importance of setting up a proper bankroll, but for most players this is easier said than done. There are so few who can truly afford to invest the necessary amount that will allow them to play at the desired limits, that most players take unnecessary risks. If you want to take advantage of a rare opportunity to boost your gambling bankroll and you are lucky enough to have an account with Club World Casino Online, this is the time to do it.


The casino occasionally runs special promotions and this time, they aim at helping those who have high expectations but limited resources. is the page to visit for new bonuses and promotions and those who head on to this site will learn more about the cashback offer. For a limited period of time, Club World Casino will provide its members with a second chance by refunding a significant part of their deposit. In a nutshell, players make a deposit and if they lose that money, the online casino will return a part of it to their account so they can try again.

Not all the money will be returned, but 55% of the deposit can be credited back to your account and it was only fitting for the bonus codes to be called ALLGAMES55. The name is self-explanatory, because it clarifies any lingering doubts about the games that players can choose to meet the wagering requirements. There are few opportunities for players to take advantage of the generous bonus without being confined to a couple of games and this is one of the reasons for why this promotion is special.

The wagering requirements are in line with industry standards and they apply to both the deposit and the bonus, with players expected to turn around the full amount 25 times. Some details shouldn’t be overlooked, and players should keep in mind that not all games have the same turnaround ratio, with roulette counting for 40%, poker games count as 25% while video poker titles will only count as 20%.

Obviously, those who decide to make a deposit with Club World Casino and enter the bonus code, have no intention to lose their money and will do whatever it takes to emerge victorious. Nevertheless it is refreshing to know that you have a safety net in place and in the unlikely event that you will end up losing your entire investment you will go broke right away. This cashback promotion also provides players with the option of choosing their strategy based on expectations rather than possibilities, because it encourages them to play more aggressively.

The dangers of playing on scared money is all too real and many players end up losing their deposit not because they don’t know which the right decisions are, but because they’re afraid to do them. There is another way of having the lost amount credited back to your account and this particular promotion will allow players to return of the 100%. They need to contact the support team and the very next day they would have the bonus credited back to their account although they will have to roll over the full amount twice before making any withdrawal.

Those who think big should know from the very beginning that the maximum amount that can be won through the cashback rewards is $5000. It stands for 10 times the deposit and bonus combined and players can put their luck and skill to the test in both slots and sable games.