Betfred boosts odds and offers free bets

It is time to get serious with your online gambling as Betfred has kick started its latest promotion and promises to be the best yet. All those who have a real money account and new members as well Enter the race for several payouts and it all begins with the first deposit being matched by 100%. Furthermore, punters will collect free bets whenever they place a qualifying bet of at least €25, so there are no risks taken regardless of the market you plan on betting on.Betfred boosts odds and offers free bets

If there is one shortcoming associated to this campaign, then has to do with the fact that only those who live in northern Ireland or the U.K. can participate. These are the clients eligible for this campaign, but as long as you meet these requirements, you should double your efforts because there are plenty of prizes to be unlocked. Speaking of which, the Double the Odds bonus has another restriction that players should be aware of, as it is not allowed to deposit using Moneybookers, Ukash, Neteller and PayPal.

This electronic wallets are extremely popular among players, but in this case it is better to steer clear from them, to receive the juicy paycheck. A reimbursement of up to €25 is also offered to those who happen to lose their wagers, so all the risks are thoroughly mitigated and players can even bet on underdogs. The maximum paycheck that will be awarded to those who are simply invincible when wagering will be limited to €5000.

Obviously, some players would’ve hoped for the limit to be nonexistent or to be allowed to collect tens of thousands of euros. Nevertheless, it is still better than nothing and receiving €5000 as a result of betting on sports is not the worst-case scenario, not by a longshot. Players must focus on traditional markets and refrain from betting on lotto and virtual sports because they don’t qualify for this campaign. The profits they make will be matched by the corresponding percentage in less than 24 hours after the bet is settled.

Thursdays are special at Paddy Power Casino

Those who have a day job would agree that Thursdays are special, although their reasons would probably differ, as they are anticipating the weekend. If you wager online with Paddy Power Casino, the reason for why this day of the week is worth waiting for, has to do with the special promotions that it brings. All existing campaigns and news about the upcoming promotions, are kept up to date on the website and can be checked out here

slotsmachinetipsOn Thursdays, players will be eligible for a cashback of 10%, with the total amount not to exceed €20 if they simply opt in for the campaign. While they are surely going to try to win as much as possible to each time they spin the reels, the players will have a safety net in place and their losses will be reimbursed if they end up losing.

This promotion has an intuitive name, with Take Home Thursday 10% Cashback saying a great deal about what it stands for. The money will be transferred to the accounts of eligible players on Friday, so they will have more money to spin over the weekend. These are the amounts that players can hope to receive and the corresponding wagering requirements based on different types of games:

Non Slots Bonus

Min Wager     Max Bonus    Min Bonus
£/€250     £/€20    £/€5
Min game count     50



Slots Bonus

Min Wager     Max Bonus    Min Bonus
£/€125     £/€20    £/€5
Min game count     50

Regarding the criteria that makes players eligible, there is only one and this has to do with the amounts lost after opting in for this promotion. Only 10% will be reimbursed the next day and this money will be supposed to be played through just once before being converted into cashable amount. In order to speed up the process, players should know that different games have different state percentage contribution, with the table below supposed to clear things out:

Game Category Stake % Contribution
Slots (all varieties except those listed in alternative slots) 100%
Alternative Slots(Goblins Cave, Reels, Triple Profits, Tropic Reels & Ugga Bugga) 5%
Wild Viking 20%
Stravaganza 20%
Sic Bo (all varieties) 20%
Pai Gow (all varieties), Red Dog, Let It Ride 20%
Carribean Stud Poker 5%
Video Poker (all varieties) 5%
Roulette  (all varieties) 5%*
Leisure Games 5%
Craps (all varieties) 5%
Casino War 5%
Casino Hold’em (all varieties) 5%
Baccarat (all varieties) 5%
21 Duel, Blackjack & Multi-hand Blackjack 5%
All other blackjack games 0%
All double options on slots  & Video Poker (all varieties) 0%
All other games not listed 0%

Betfair Australasia acquired by Crown Resorts

When Betfair Casino decided to expand its business over to Australia, it looked like a great idea, because the local market was booming. The number of customers is still on the rise, but the projected games didn’t come to fruition and it is now time for the online gaming operator to look elsewhere for solutions. Being one of the most successful in this line of work, it is only fair to assume that the new owner of Betfair Australasia will need to do a hell of a job to keep the ship afloat.slotmachinetips

Crown Resorts was the only one willing to spend a lot of money to acquire their operations year, but the good news is that they have a lot of experience with the local market. They are already running some of the most successful poker tournaments in Australia, including the Aussie Millions which takes place every year in February. The poker room is doing very well and the owners are confident that they have what it takes to steer the ship around and make the casino division equally profitable.

Betfair Australasia is not a train wreck, but the UK-based company chose not to invest more and instead focus on its operations oversees. It is no coincidence that Crown resorts were the ones chosen to take over, because the two ventures shook hands two years ago. This was the result of their work and it is now time for the Australian partner to continue the legacy, as the gambling hub is well known among local players and still has a future.

The first signs that the venture was not heading into the right direction appearead in the first quarter of 2014, when Betfair Australasia posted disappointing numbers. The other divisions were lucrative enough to compensate these losses, but the UK-based operator decided not to push the envelope. Crown Resorts is on a purchasing spree and they are also contemplating the possibility of opening a new casino in Las Vegas. They have already purchased a vacant property for which they paid $280 million.

The gambling industry in Sin City is not doing too well, but compared to the Atlantic City counterparts these casinos are quite successful. Assuming everything goes according to the plan, the new VIP casino will open its doors no sooner than 2017. The deadline has been set for 2018 but if the Australian market keeps posting encouraging numbers, Crown Resorts should have the necessary resources to push the process into overdrive.

Caesars’ Entertainment fights a battle on two fronts

Caesars Entertainment was recently forced to close one casino in Atlantic City, a former gambling hub that is increasingly unpopular. There are very few ventures that are still profitable and the remaining ones who have survived bankruptcy are under siege. Luckily for Caesars, they are running a lucrative business nationwide and have plenty of profitable casinos beyond borders, but recently they found themselves on the wrong end of several lawsuits.slotmachinetips

Add to this the fact that two of their casinos in the United States were targeted by robbers’ over the last couple of months and it is easy to see why the representatives are so concerned. The perpetrators have been apprehended, but it is still immensely frustrating for the industry as a whole and Caesars in particular that they get kicked when already down. Meanwhile they are trying to restructure a couple of casinos and this prompted rating companies to say that downfall is imminent.

Caesars’ Entertainment is willing to fight those allegations in court and in order to preserve its reputation, has launched a couple of lawsuits. Even if they end up winning some of them, they will still have to find a way to play a debt that revolves around the value of $24 billion. Those who find themselves down the list and are unlikely to see a dime anytime soon are particularly upset, with some choosing to file lawsuits, in order to push the reimbursement process into overdrive.

The lawyers are quite busy trying to fight those charges, because losing lawsuits would translate into additional money being lost. The worst-case scenario is for Caesars’ Entertainment to lose a few more billions, which is the last thing they need right now. On the other front, they are the aggressors, while the targeted companies are Appaloosa Management, Centerbridge Partners or Oaktree Capital Management.

They accuse these hedge funds of unlawful practices, in an attempt of discrediting Caesars’ Entertainment and casino representatives claim that these offenders have their own agenda. The stakes are as high as they get, but if will take a while before a verdict would be given, with settlements being the most likely outcome. The number of people who claim that land-based casinos in general and Caesars in particular are fighting a losing battle with their online counterparts has increased and the recent allegations and lawsuits are not helping at all.

Boost your bankroll at Bet365 with daily rewards

There is an indissoluble link between the number of hours spent playing various games and the rewards offered by online casinos. Bet365 makes no exception and those who check out the promotions and bonuses listed at will realize that loyalty is generously rewarded. For two consecutive months, the online gambling operator focused almost exclusively on sports in general and football in particular as the World Cup 2014 drew massive crowds.slotmachinetips

Now that the competition has finally ended, they try to attract players to their online casino section, where they can enjoy hundreds of different games ranging from slot machines to video poker and table games. Many of them are also available on mobile devices, which is very convenient and virtually all promotions and bonuses are available to those who use smart phones or tablets to gamble over the Internet.

Playing for consecutive days will result in bonus payouts but the lost money will also be reimbursed through the Daily Mobile Cashback campaign. If you play for two days in a row, 5% of any money lost will be returned to your account, while the three day losing streak will see 10% of the money refunded. The numbers get even better for those who play four days, because 15% of their losses will be recuperated, all up to 20% if the downswing lasts four days.

This is obviously the worst-case scenario, because nobody hopes to become a beneficiary of such a campaign, but it is still more than a pale consolation. There is also a top limit that can’t be surpassed, as the most unlucky players will only receive a total of 100% regardless of how many days they play in a row. This promotion appeals particularly to existing members, but newcomers have their own bonuses to choose from, including a 25% first deposit bonus up to €250.

All they need to do is to enter the BOOST promotional code when making their first deposit and wager at least €10 on casino games. The bonus will be credited to their account without delays and in less than 24 hours, the funds will be made available. This money needs to be cleared by wagering it 30 times, as only after these play through requirements are met, it will be converted into cashable amount. To speed up the process, players are recommended to focus on slot games which have the fastest clearing rate.

Lap It Leaderboard reaches its climax at Paddy Power casino

Competition is at the cornerstone of success, with people only reaching their full potential when they compete against their peers. In order to determine whether you are ahead or behind, you need to have something or someone to match your results against, besides hitting various milestones. Paddy Power Casino has fully embraced the concept of healthy competition and the best proof is that it recently announced a brand-new campaign.

It goes by the name of Lap It Leaderboard and it builds on the already popular concept of ranking players based on how many points they accumulate. These loyalty points are earned each time players wager real currency on eligible games, with the best part about this particular campaign is that all titles in their online offer do qualify. The competition began in early May and the first round ended on the 31st, which means that players should jump on the bandwagon right now to maximize their chances.slotmachinetips

The idea is to improve their position on the leaderboard as much as possible, because those who finish at the top of this list will collect a share of a sizable prize pool. At the time of writing, Paddy Power Casino offers a total of €5000 that will be split among the most active players. Regardless of their preferences, players will accumulate points when they play on mobile devices or desktop computers, with both downloadable and instant games qualifying.

The leaderboard is refreshed every week and the results are kept up to date on the official website, which means that players will know all the time where they stand. Beginners are advised to also take advantage of the €200 first deposit bonus which is matched by 100%, therefore allowing them to start with a cool €400. The smallest qualifying deposit is of only five euros, but it’s hard to believe that players will settle for the minimal amount, instead of trying to extract the most from this lucrative deal.

Another way to receive free money the moment you sign up with Paddy Power Casino is to play those games available on mobile devices. By doing so, players get 5 euros right away with no strings attached, so they can get familiar with their game of choice without taking any chances. The wagering requirements are the same as for other cash bonuses offered by the aforesaid casino and in line with industry standards.

Check out WinPalace’s April Special Offers

WinPalace Casino makes a simple and hard to resist proposition, as it invites existing members and those willing to open an account to greatly increase their bankroll this week. There are several deposit codes at play and a minimum requirement of $150 was formulated, but in exchange players will cash in on a 300% reload bonus. Bear in mind that this only applies to slot games and players will receive as much as $600 to try their favorite titles.

slotmachinetipsIf this sounds too good to be true, then you should probably check out the other bonus offered by WinPalace Casino which increases the deposit up to four times. You still need to deposit $300 but if you use the 400CROWN code you will get to play from the very beginning with $1500. This should make it possible for players to compete at higher stakes, while highrollers will find this online casino to be a place that they can easily call home.

Then again, there are people who are not enthusiastic about slots and they spend most of the time playing table games. WinPalace Casino didn’t forget about them and presented these players with three distinct promotional codes, that go by the name of KINGS1,2,3. The first one demands a deposit of $21 which will be met by a bonus worth 132%, the second bonus is a bit higher at 152% but so is the initial deposit of $50. At the top of the food chain stands the KINGS3 coupon code which consists of a bonus of 175% in exchange of a minimum deposit of $100.

This is the standard package, but players can go a step further and highrollers have their own for bonus codes to choose from. They are also included in the KINGS codes category, with the distinction being made by the bonus amount, which can exceed 300% for deposits of at least $500. Many of them will be inclined to check out the bonuses for slot games and they would be right to do so as there are also for bonus codes at their disposal. WINNING1-4 codes start at a bonus worth 197% and increase up to 252% for those who deposit an amount of $100 or more.

All these bonus codes have just been released and it is only fair to assume that they will be around for the entire month, but more could be added as Easter draws near.

$25 Free Chip heading towards Lucky Red Casino players

$25 Free ChipLucky Red Casino seems to have a soft spot for the first week of each month, and some of its hottest campaigns were released around these dates. February is slightly different but it is easy to explain why the online casino chose to slightly delay its most exciting promotion. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for the company to promote its brand and this is how the $25 Free Chip came into play.

This is not the first time that the online casino offers this kind of incentive, and all it takes is visiting to learn more about how their previous campaign unfolded. The $25 Luck Red Casino free chip will be offered without restrictions to anyone who has an account and meets a couple of simple requirements.

There is no need to write to customer support or to get in touch with any company officials, because the $25 free Chip will be credited automatically. It is as easy as using any of the three RPLSRED codes, with each of them offering a bonus ranging from 66% to 70%. The idea is to use them in a succession because only after all of them have been redeemed, players will get to cash in on the RNLSRED25 promo coupon code. This is not necessarily the end of the line, but it is refreshing to know that once you complete this important step, you receive the $25 free Chip.

Players who are hungry for more can make another deposit using the RPLA66RED promotional code which will trigger a bonus of 66%. The trick with this bonus is that you are not limited to the popular slot games, instead you get to put your luck to the test at different titles. At the end of the day, those who prefer slot games will have a slight advantage over the pack, because it will be much easier for them to clear out the bonus.

They are subject to a 10 times play through requirement, which is extremely low and in most cases doesn’t take longer than a couple of days. On the other hand, those who choose to play the bonus amount at different games will be subject to a 25x wagering requirement, which is better than industry-standard. This Valentine’s Day promotion is the latest and most exciting thing that happened at Luck Red Casino but it is only fair to assume that the first months of spring will bring more bonuses and freebies.

WinPalace Casino announces the Rock and Roll Celebration

WinPalace Casino's Rock and Roll CelebrationIf you are even remotely passionate about rock music and you also have an affinity for casino games, the best way to combine the best of both worlds is by opening an account with WinPalace Casino. Early 2014 is the best time to take a leap of faith and make your first deposit, with the lowest amount starting at $21.

This will translate into a 200% bonus but there are more generous bonuses for those who use other variations of the ROCK bonus codes. They range from 1 to 5 and the percentages also increase up to a total of 400% for those who deposit a minimum amount of $1000. This isn’t a small deposit by any stretch of imagination but the good thing is that the return on investment is generous.

Are you a fan of table games and you won’t be swayed by any bonus code that is targeted exclusively at the slot games market. These bonus codes use the STANDS core and 5 digits at the end, following the same progression, although the numbers are different. In a nutshell, the bonus percentages increase as you deposit more and the most generous bonus goes to those who deposit a minimum amount of $500.

The part that nobody wants to talk about has to do with the wagering requirements, more precisely the 30x wagering requirement for slots, scratch games and keno. You will need to play the total amount 40 times if you choose the slots games instead, but this is only a minor tradeoff. WinPalace Casino will not keep the promotion up indefinitely, but there is still time to take advantage as there is a full week of January left. Take advantage of the bonuses and start playing your favorite game.

Crazy Christmas promo extended in 2014 by Slots Jungle Casino

slotmachine2014 started fast and furious with Slots Jungle Casino which extended its winter campaign in January and has a couple of codes available. The most popular ones go by the name of SHUFFLE and they range from 1-3 with the size of the bonus amount increasing accordingly. You can receive a flat amount of $75 if you choose SHUFFLE1, a 154% deposit bonus if you opt in for the next bonus code, while the ultimate reward consists of a 212% bonus for those who deposit a minimal amount of $150.

This seems to be a promotion that Slots Jungle Casino players love most and it draws inspiration from another campaign launched in the winter of 2012. It was advertised aggressively by Crazy Vegas Casino back then and is a silent testament of how popular it used to be. The guys at Slots Jungle did a fine job at tweaking it and this version can be regarded as irresistible.

There are 5 more bonus codes available for Slots Jungle players and they include the word JINGLE in their name and a digit ranging from 1-5. The smallest amount eligible for deposit is $21 but those who have higher expectations will be compelled to deposit more to receive a higher bonus. The top payout is a massive 364% bonus for those who invest $500 or more, which makes this particular bonus code more suitable for highrollers and those who hope to break the bank.

The wagering requirements are reasonable and they vary based on the game of choice, with the ones easiest to meet being slot games. This is hardly a novelty, so those who like this genre should know that by playing the amount through 30 times, it will all become eligible for a withdraw. If your games of choice are table games the requirements increase to 35, so it will take a bit longer to clear them.

A total of 8 promotions ran at the same time at Slots Jungle and some of them have expired immediately after Christmas or the New Year. It is refreshing to know that the most popular one has survived and we have good reasons to expect that it will endure throughout January.