Slot Machine Tips

Slot machines are luck based games. It is random chance that decide where the wheels end up on every single spin. You will need luck for the wheels to stop at the jackpot combination. That slot machines are luck based games do however not mean that you can´t increase your chances of winning money while playing. The effect you can have on individual spins is very small, but the effect you can have on your results over time is rather big. On this site you can read tips and tricks that will help you become a better slot player and help you maximize your chances of winning money when you play slots. Most slot machine tips below will apply to both online slots and slots in your local casino. Check out which is a great guide to online slots and other casino games.

Slot machine tips 1 – Play in the right place

Different slot machines venues will give you different payback percentages. As an example can be mentioned that different parts of Las Vegas have different pay back ratios and it can be worth the effort to play in the right part of town. The same is true for machines with different denominations. High roller machines generally offers the player better odds than a penny slot will. If you can afford it you will get better odds if you play on a more expensive machine. Before you decide which machine to play on you should however see what we have to say about playing the max bet further down on this page. Slot machines online generally have a better payback ratio than offline slots. This is due to the lower overhead of running an online casino compared to a regular casino. You will in other words win more by playing online at home.

Slot machine tips 2 – Play the right slot machine

Different types of slot machines will give the player different odds. The player should therefore choose to play at slots that give a good pay out ratio. Information about how much different slots return to the players can be found online. By avoiding playing slots that has a poor pay out ratio a player can increase their result dramatically over time. You should as an example avoid playing slots that are based on a license such as slots based on sports, movies and TV shows. These slots, like the ever popular marvel slots, give less money back to the player than many other slots due to the fact that it is not only the casino that wants a part of your money. The owner of the licensing rights also wants a cut. Choosing a slot that has a high payout and preferable a high jackpot is usually a good choice as long as it is not a licensed slot. Always look at the payable before you play so you know winning combinations. This can also give you an idea about how generous a slot is. Never play any slot machine you do not understand.

Slots machine tip 3 – Don’t play for more than you can loose.

It is important that you never play with more money than you can afford to loose. Playing slots is supposed to be fun but if you play for more money than you can afford to loose it can have a very negative affect in your life. Playing slots should add joy to your life, not cause you problems.

Slot machine Tip 4 – Don’t fall for myth and superstition.

Do not fall for myths. No machine is ever due to pay out. Random chance decides the outcome on each and every spin. It does not matter what happened before. The odds is always the same for a certain combination to come up on the next spin.

Slot machine tips 5 – Always bet the maximum amount of coins

It is common that you can only win the jackpot if you play the maximum amount of coins. You should therefore always play max coin. You do not want to hit the jackpot combination but don’t get the jackpot due to not playing the maximal number of coins. Not playing max coin will lower the payout rate. You should therefore always play a cheaper machine where you can play max coin rather than only one coin on a more expensive machine if you have the choose.

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Good luck.